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Coworking Space Websites

Coworking Space Websites to find a workspace near you

There are coworking spaces nestled all over the world and it can be a little bit of a maze to steer around them all to find the best one for you. Luckily there are some coworking space websites out there which can help make this process a little easier.


Trusted website Coworker states it has spaces at over 18,000 coworking spaces available in over 178 countries. Finding a suitable coworking space is super easy here. There are options to type into a search bar the city or type of space you are searching for, or if you are feeling adventurous you can choose a continent on a map and go from there.

Coworker website

Cowork Booking

Cowork Booking website gives remote workers so much ease when using their website. With areas to search depending on the space, city or country you are interested in or presenting top pick categories and locations like; close to the beach, bizarre spaces and options to explore coliving spaces also. This site also links online forums and newspaper the Nomad time to allow explorers to discover more about companies, spaces and countries to visit.

Cowork Booking website

Liquid Space

Promoting hybrid workspaces, liquid space is a site which acknowledges the need for solutions away from the office that will promote creativity and productivity without skimping on space. Creating a site where workers can search and learn how to become zero waste workers, minimizing carbon footprints and helping the planet at the same time. Targeting the business to give their employees the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world and helping businesses save money not spent on real estate.

Liquid Space website

Hey Desk

Free account website Hey Desk allows remote workers to search and choose from a wide range of different coworking spaces, offices, meeting rooms, cafes and others spread out in every corner of the world.  Instantly book a space, pay for and then just turn up to work. Providing options to rent spaces per hour, day, monthly or for a longer period of time depending on your and your company’s needs.

Hey Desk website

Desks Near Me

Offering visitors to list their desk or office space on their website, Desks Near Me offers workers to find their perfect space based on the community and needs of the individual. Allows small companies and real estate to rent out spaces currently not being used, helping to create a new venue stream. The site also shows potential remote workers featured desk and coworking spaces to spark inspirations to search for their perfect space.

Desks Near Me website

Instant Offices

Instant Offices is a brilliant website for people that live in the United Kingdom. Searching and comparing different office spaces from over 15,000 different spaces. Free advice for you with no obligation to take the space provided. Search for the space from top cities and pick up and coming economic destinations with brilliant transport links.

Instant Offices website

Remote Work is on the rise

We aren’t all working in the office environment at a 9-5 pace like Dolly sang about. Some people these days want to work from anywhere at any time of the day.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic there has been a boom in the number of remote workers that are working from home and have taken themselves out of the typical workspace and offices.

This is where coworking spaces come into play. So what actually are coworking spaces you may ask?

Coworking space is a shared workspace for its members

Normally when you go to work at your business of employment the people around you are the people you work with. In coworking spaces this isn’t the case. You can find web developers, internet marketers, content creators, and start up entrepreneurs.

These spaces are ideal for networking. Having a range of different people with different skill sets around you can be great to find someone or another business to collaborate with. Many new ventures are made whilst grabbing a cup of coffee from the coworking cafe.

Coworking spaces provide a number of different options, from office space for rent, private rooms and host desks in the coworking areas. There are also many event spaces and board rooms available for larger meetings.

Many small businesses just starting out opt for the coworking spaces rather than renting office space as this can save a large amount of money not spent on rent. Other costs saved with the coworking option are electricity, internet, coffee machines, cleaning services and other facilities needed to run a business in an office space. All of this is included in your coworking membership.

Basically working with other like-minded individuals trying to save money, become remote workers or get their small business up and off the ground.

The Coworking Boom

The start of coworking spaces began in the early 2000 when laptops were first released and people were able to transport their work wherever they needed to. Commuting from the country to the city was very popular in the late 00’s as cost of living within the cities was high and many could not afford to live in city centers. The commutes to and from the cities would take hours and many individuals would take their work home and work on trains and buses.

From here many individuals would travel around for work and would need access to spaces with good internet connections and access to a desk. Working from cafes and libraries started to build up and the call for more and more coworking spaces grew.

Obviously the COVID-19 pandemic had a large effect on the coworking boom as many businesses had to find ways to adapt to WFH, but before that happened coworking spaces were on the rise. More and more companies were drifting into hybrid modes.

Thanks to applications like zoom and google meet, hosting a meeting from anywhere in the world couldn’t be easier. Companies are finding that allowing more flexibility within the workplace and allowing employees to decide on their own work schedule is increasing employee morale and productivity.

According to Statistica (, 2022) “The overall value of coworking spaces worldwide are predicted to grow several times by 2030 from their initial value of nearly seven billion USD in 2021.”

In 2018 the number of coworking spaces in operation were around 18,700 with a forecast of almost 42,000 coworking spaces worldwide for people to access by the end of 2024. With the current number of coworking spaces available world wide around 23,500 according to Statistica with the number of individuals visiting or being members of these coworking spaces to reach almost 5 million.

With the forecasts for the boom to continue to grow, coworking spaces are set to continue to double in size and attendees. Areas in Asia are already highly populated with coworking spaces thanks to the tropical landscapes and warm weather, but other areas like cities in the United Kingdom will see more coworking spaces popping up.

What can I expect at a coworking space?

Each coworking space is different but the same. You will find very similar amenities in all coworking areas, however here are some of the main areas to look out for to see if they match your needs;

Hot desking is a system that has been organized for the most flexibility, productivity and creativity. This is when a row of desks and chairs are used by a number of different people at the same time. Hot desking is easy, just plug in and switch on your laptop to get to work. Ideal for remote workers or freelancers wanting to get on with their own work.

Some individuals are creatures of habits and although they would like the opportunity to work in different locations rather than an office at work they still would like a routine and familiarities around them. This is where dedicated desks come to play.

A dedicated desk is where the individual can reserve the same workspace or desk everyday. This allows the individual and the company to have personal space and routine with even a lot of spaces allowing individuals to leave some personal belongings behind.

Having dedicated desks is also great for in company collaboration. Having members of the same team in the same vicinity allows them to talk and discuss agendas with ease.

Something else you can find in a lot of coworking spaces are private office spaces. These are the most desirable for small businesses. It allows them the luxury of running their business with all of their staff present, having privacy and opportunities for meetings whenever needed but saving on costs.

Other amenities and benefits that can be found at coworking spaces include; skype rooms- dedicated for people to be on calls allowing them to talk freely which isn’t allowed in the communal coworking areas.

Gym facilities are also very popular, allowing workers to take a break whenever they need through the day to work out, chill in the spa, take showers and refresh their focus to continue their work.

We all love something for free or a little extra, and many coworking spaces offer this. From cafes, movie nights, farmers markets, silent disco parties to educational workshops they are always competing against each other to provide exactly what the customer wants and needs.

Is Coworking Space Suitable for Everyone?

Yes and No. We can’t answer that for you. However if you are a remote worker, digital nomad or a small start up business, then yes, invest in a coworking space. The benefits definitely outweigh the negatives in this instance. Try a one day pass in one of these coworking spaces or go to an event being held at one and get the feel of the space to see if it’s the right space for you.

However choosing to visit a coworking space and becoming a digital nomad or remote worker can have less pleasant effects on individuals too. Many people claim loneliness, lack of security and homesickness when choosing to work away from the typical office environment. It isn’t for everyone.

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