CyberTiger Projects

baybayin hub

Baybayin Hub is a pioneer hotel management service developed through an online booking system. It aims to simplify the logistics and accommodation process for all kinds of people who work remotely, incorporating relaxation and fun into the process. 


Destination Outpost is one of the global communities that offer spaces for digital nomads to immerse in Indonesia’s culture while finishing work and collaborating with other nomads. 

The Digital Nomad community has access to the best deals for coliving and coworking spaces. Aside from that, they can also join in social events that bring together digital nomads from all walks of life—creating a supportive community of nomads. 

Hacker Paradise is a remote working community that allows you to join a trip while doing remote work. It focuses on taking care of the logistics of the trip to make your remote work experience more convenient.

You don’t need to be a hacker, as the name would indicate, but you must already be a remote worker to participate in their travels. In order to ensure that everyone is a suitable match for the group, Hacker Paradise carefully selects each participant.

digital nomad working on the beach

TheDigitalNomad.Asia is a digital magazine made for digital nomads who are planning or already in Asia. They are made up of a team of digital nomads with the goal of sharing valuable information and guides on being a digital nomad in Asia. 

A groundbreaking event is set to take place this October in the vibrant city of Fukuoka, Japan. Colive Fukuoka, a month-long digital nomad retreat, is poised to redefine Japan’s place on the map for global remote workers seeking connection, collaboration, and cultural immersion.