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The comfort of working remotely is one of the things the worldwide pandemic has shed light on. Coworking spaces have emerged as a fantastic alternative for people without home offices or digital nomads who are always on the move.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that most of us are eager for a change of scenery after spending months locked up at home. Let’s face it: working from home has made us all sick of seeing the same scene over and over every day. However, if this “new normal” has demonstrated anything, it’s that a lot of office activities can be completed from anywhere! (That is if you have a working laptop and a reliable internet connection to begin with.)

Pandemic or not, this paved the way for the digital nomad lifestyle to be more appealing than ever. After all, wouldn’t it be wonderful to travel at your own speed and make money at the same time? If you are craving to set forth to ease your travel itch and enjoy what the Philippines has to offer (while still earning), then it’s high time you get to know Baybayin Hub!

What is Baybayin Hub?

Baybayin Hub is a pioneer hotel management service developed through an online booking system. It aims to simplify the logistics and accommodation process for all kinds of people who work remotely, incorporating relaxation and fun into the process. 

Baybayin Hub was created especially for online entrepreneurs and digital nomads because the majority of regionally and internationally based-remote workers choose to work and stay in hotels or resorts. However, the main concern still is the cost of lodging, one of the major expenses associated with travel.

It is obvious that Baybayin Hub had this in mind, so they aimed to be the answer to this logistic problem. This locally based workspace provider focuses on providing “workations” to independent contractors, business owners, creative types, freelancers, start-ups, corporates, and other remote employees who want to see more of the Philippines. 

They do this with partnerships with different hotels and resorts from different Philippine destinations to ease the typical digital nomad’s stress from travel and logistics issues. They also provide coworking spaces and a reliable internet connection so you can be online whenever it is needed–less time planning for your trip means more time to focus on work while having fun!

Founded in the Philippines​

Launched in September 2020 in Pasay City, Orly T. Darnayla (Founder), Rey L. Cuartelon (Co-founder), and Jamie Atkinson (CTO) seized the opportunity of the growing demand for travel and leisure of remote workers during the height of the pandemic. 

The hospitality and tourism sector is one of the industries that has been impacted the hardest throughout the world. During this time, hotels, resorts, and other hospitality businesses are on the verge of closing. No one anticipated the longevity of the pandemic. Sadly, a lot of companies are still having trouble and have the potential to eventually fail.

In order for it to thrive, Cuartelon, Darnayla, and Atkinson had to be amenable to changing their direction and making their hostel a coworking and coliving space. Thus, Baybayin Hub was born.

Creating and designing environments that are especially geared toward their needs as remote workers—and what might be done to further enhance their stay by blending the human element with their technological demands—came easy to them. 16 years of remote work became the founders’ edge that had them anticipate the demands of digital nomads and other remote employees.

What is special about Baybayin Hub?

Baybayin Hub, as its namesake suggests, is proudly Filipino! The first in the Philippines and is the pioneering and the only OTA in the Philippines. It aims to incorporate staying, working, playing, and exploring the Philippine ecosystem for digital nomads like never before! Not to mention, not all OTA platforms can take pride in that.

Since it was founded by a Filipino hotel owner, Baybayin Hub thoroughly understands all the challenges that a hotelier may face, such as trusting third-party platforms which is a critical thing for the hotel business. But Baybayin Hub aims to ease this process and earn other hoteliers’ confidence by employing a zero-risk, hotelier-friendly model with full transparency and easy processing.

Baybayin Hub Workation Retreats

digital nomad retreat

Baybayin Hub combines fun and holistic growth unlike any other logistic service ever. With its goal to shift your focus on your work and grow your lifestyle, Baybayin Hub is the complete package when it comes to retreats.

Baybayin Hub offers more than the average needs of a digital nomad, like a reliable internet connection and coworking spaces. Instead, it aims to completely integrate work and nomadic lifestyle all while helping develop holistic growth in all aspects of work-life balance–may it be a Filipino or a foreign digital nomad, Baybayin Hub makes sure to enrich everyone’s remote work experience.

Digital nomads come from all sorts of jobs, age groups, and cultures, so Baybayin Hub aims to diversify everyone’s experience through cohabitation and various sets of activities. In addition, not only does Baybayin Hub allow everyone to be at the top of their game, but the community at Baybayin Hub also enables their guests to get a first-hand professional (and even personal) experience of meeting  other digital nomads from different cultures and career paths, thus helping enrich guests’ personal perspectives as a remote professional.

Baybayin Hub Digital Nomad Community

Baybayin Hub builds a community of close-bonded professionals that aims to make use of their time to enjoy, relax, and heighten their career experiences through the people they get to know. For Baybayin Hub, holistic growth is the way to go!

Baybayin Hub’s community makes sure that its activities are something that all can benefit from and enjoy–from surfing the sandy beaches of Boracay, Palawan, and Siargao to motorbiking through the mountainsides of Batangas and Bohol, Baybayin Hub has a lot in store to make an enjoyable stay at any of their guest’s preferred destination.

Apart from these, Baybayin Hub also offers a lot of career-edifying programs like seminars and talks with career-specific experts (of course, in cooperation with Baybayin Hub itself!). This way, any remote professional will surely be able to get something profound out of their “workation” experience!

Baybayin Hub Resort Management in La Union

Itching to get wet sand on your feet and grab a surfboard without a day-long drive to Metro Manila? Baybayin Hub’s resort management in La Union is a world-class experience that will leave you craving to be in total work mode by the beach!

Since Baybayin Hub is celebrating its 2nd year anniversary, they are offering a huge discount to its loyal bookers! 

Surf away to your heart’s desire for a 7-day/6-night stay in one of the most fabulous resorts in La Union! You will get to be in a fan dorm room with professionals, with access to all things necessary so you can continue work while you meet, explore, and play by the beach. The best deal? At only P1,800 net price, you can get to enjoy the cool waters of La Union!

Why Baybayin HUB is the perfect place for any digital nomad and remote worker ​

baybayin hub

Since Baybayin Hub’s network is expanding, it will soon cover the whole archipelago. It’s the best place for remote workers or digital nomads who want to explore and enjoy the Philippines while working. Although for the time being, you may see Baybay Hub in selected locations such as Bolinao, Pangasinan, Liwliwa Beach in San Felipe, Zambales, Pasay City, and Siquijor. Nonetheless, Baybayin Hub has established other hubs in tourist spots like Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, Cebu, Bohol, and Dumaguete.

In terms of safety and well-being, Baybayin Hub informs visitors that they adhere to all rules and security precautions set forth by the Department of Health including COVID-19 guidelines and limitations for domestic travel.

At Baybayin Hub, they mean complete work-life balance–from comfortable and relaxing accommodations to Wi-Fi that extends all the way outside, to a large lounging area where everyone can mingle and network. 

Start Packing!​

If you’re all about traveling domestically around the Philippines, meeting new people, and exploring beautiful sceneries, then Baybayin Hub is the place for you! With its all-inclusive rates, wide variety of available activities, and numerous locations to choose from, there’s no doubt that you’ll find your second home in Baybayin Hub. So what are you waiting for? Visit their website now and book your stay!

Baybayin Hub Official Website

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