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Useful Websites for Digital Nomads

What is a Digital Nomad?

The people who work location-independently – digital nomads use technology to help them conduct work from cafes, coworking spaces or even from the beach. It is no wonder that lifestyle of digital nomad is becoming more and more popular.

All a digital nomad needs is a laptop or smartphone and a great Wi-fi connection. They are typically freelance workers like software programmers, web designers, translators, online marketers, or writers. However during the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have found that their work can be done outside the office.

With remote work becoming the new normal way of work, digital nomads are on the rise.

Useful Websites for Digital Nomads

Here is our curated list of useful websites for digital nomads.

Finding Digital Nomad Communities

Nomad List 

For first time digital nomads, or those wanting to move to a new destination and want to learn or discover more about a city or place, Nomad List is the website for you. With an easy to use scoring system available to find out information based on cost of living, safety, Wi-fi connection, nightlife and giving pros and cons for each location.

This site also allows individuals to join up and join communities to meet like minded people in each destination cutting out that scared lonely feeling many people experience moving to a new place for the first time.

Helpful articles and contacts about health insurance, visas and permits and paying taxes in each country are also available on this website. A one stop shop for all of your digital nomad needs.

Nomad List website

Digital Nomad World 

The home to the fastest growing community for digital nomads and remote workers- Digital Nomad World provides a number of different services on their website from finding work and posting jobs and online courses to refresh or learn new skills to build up your resume.

Also available on the website are city guides for almost every main city in every continent. Giving easy to understand information about costs, security and quality of living to help nomads make easier decisions about choosing places to live.

The online digital community is quite large with forums, meetups and events posted and happening on the website.

Digital Nomad World website

Finding a Place to Live


If you are searching for a vacation rental for remote workers for a month or longer in a new place, Anyplace is a brilliant website to search through. Bragging about having tailor-made accommodation for digital nomads and remote workers providing flexibility and fast Wi-Fi connections in all of the properties.

Offering fully furnished accommodations all over the US mainly, the process is painless and hassle free. Select your accommodation, go through a free background check, pay and move in. If you decide you want to stay longer in the same place and accommodation it’s easy to extend your stay. No middle man or confusion.

Anyplace website

Gogo Places

Offering destinations and accommodations situated within digital nomad neighborhoods Gogo Places is a fantastic site which allows individuals to search for their perfect space within the Mediterranean and other destinations.

Pick a place and within 48 hours someone will get back to you with approval to your request. Send a payment and the booking is all yours.

Search based on the country you would like to visit and explore on the map or via price range to find your next place.

Gogo Places website

Learning About Being a Digital Nomad

The Digital Nomad Asia

Online newspaper and magazine The Digital Nomad Asia is the one stop shop for all the information you would need on current news and trends in the populated Asian countries for digital nomads.

Organized based on each country with up to date information based on coworking spaces, costs, tourist destinations and others created and written by people living and working in each area.

The Digital Nomad Asia website


Becoming a digital nomad is no easy task, however Nomadific is a great website to help guide you in making the best of every situation and understanding how to navigate through the lifestyle.

Having articles about travel tips, coworking places and etiquette, business advice and also building up your digital community.

Find information and articles essential and suited to you from different categories, find guides and also resources to better understand what it means and takes to be a digital nomad.

Nomadific website

What Kind of Lifestyle do Digital Nomads Live?

Living a digital nomad life isn’t for everyone, and this lifestyle still comes with its trials and tribulations. It isn’t all sunsets on the beach.

Pros of digital nomad lifestlye

These are endless, but the main one is freedom. Work where you want, when you want. Moving away from the 9-5 pace and working when it suits you is why many are switching over to being a digital nomad. Choosing the location you work at is also a big pull for a lot of people. You can choose where in the world you want to live and work and for how long. Many are using the digital nomad way of life as an affordable way to travel the world.

Another benefit of living the digital nomad lifestyle is getting to meet people from all over the world. It is the easiest way of connecting with new people, making new friends andx learning about new cultures. Gaining friendships you would have never had the opportunity to work in an office.

Other positives about this lifestyle is getting rid of commuting stress, saving money, new bursts of inspiration and creativity. Everyone’s experiences are different and not any two stories are the same.

If you are considering making the switch to becoming your own boss and taking control of your work life balance there are many extremely helpful digital nomad websites to discover and learn more about this lifestyle, the people and make more connections.

Cons of being a digital nomad

Feelings of insecurity can be a big issue for a lot of people. We are creatures of habit and like routine as it makes us feel safe. Being a digital nomad means being ready for change and having to be ready to adapt. Sometimes business no longer requires your work and you have to find other possibilities. This could also work in your favor if you are a freelancer or looking for more part-time work as it means more job opportunities can come your way.

If you aren’t really tech savvy it will be difficult to get your foot through the door. Having one main skill is not enough anymore. For a digital nomad to continue to be successful and continue to find work they should keep learning and improving their skills. Understanding web design, social media, date entry, photography, editing etc. are great to set you apart from your competition. Having more skills under your belt will make you more desirable to employees.

Other cons that people experience is homesickness as not everyone is cut out to be away from friends and family for longer periods of time. Having to face judgment from friends back home viewing you as ‘lazy’ or on a permanent vacation can be difficult, but just remember that they are probably just jealous of watching you live your best life.

Should I become a Digital Nomad?

We think the answer should be yes, but with some precautions. Like anything in life, and decisions that you want to make from getting married, moving house or taking on a new job, remember to do your research and weigh up the pros and cons.

It shouldn’t be a decision to just take lightly as you are basically uplifting everything you have known and all ‘normality’, to go on a new quest becoming a remote worker and living digitally anywhere in the world.

Many have just seen the bright lights of moving and living anywhere they want in the world and approaching issues and obstacles along the way and smashing the rose tinted glasses because they didn’t research the destination they were moving to, the cost of living and problems that they may face.

Be sure to check out the digital nomad websites in this article to discover more before making your decision. With this said, digital nomads are on the rise and will continue to keep growing the more coworking spaces open up, long term vacation accommodation is available and also the more companies allow flexibility for their employees to be creative and productive from anywhere in the world.

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