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Surf Camps – Perfect Adventure Trip

Picturing the perfect holiday after two years of staying home has changed slightly for a lot of people. Forget queuing up for hours behind a mountain of bus tours and guides to spend a couple of seconds trying to snap the perfect shot of a top 10 tourist destination. That way of holidaying is a thing of the past. Travelers are wanting to ‘do’ things on their holiday and time away from real life. Of course they still want some relaxation, but more and more people want to find ways of filling up their days with activities in nature.

Adventure tourism has always been around with skiing, trekking and sailing holidays being popular for a good number of years. Nowadays, popularity of surf camps is on the rise. Travelers want to find ways of catching the sun rays while getting an injection of adrenaline, and surfing is the answer.

For many individuals, once they get on a board and catch their first wave they will be hooked. This addiction leads many to travel far and wide to visit new exotic lands to find a good swell and the perfect waves.

What is a Surf Camp?

Surf Camp is an all-inclusive package ideal for beginner, intermediate or advanced surfers. The camps normally include beautiful accommodation close to the beach so people are able to watch the waves. Numerous days of surfing with professional instructors and teachers to give some one-on-one advice and tips to help surfers improve their posture, catching of waves and even tricks.

Other amazing extras that can be included in surf camps are yoga sessions- allowing customers to find time to stretch, unwind and move their bodies in different ways which can help out on the board.

Boat trips are also very popular, giving people opportunities to try snorkeling and see animals and fish that live under the waves.

Community outreach programs like beach clean ups, replanting coral and volunteering are also becoming much more popular with surf camps allowing people to give back to the country they are staying in and find ways of being eco-friendly while they enjoy their hobby.

Furthermore, these surf camps provide numerous opportunities for people to get together, socialize and make friends with added extras like beach fires and bbqs, movie nights under the stars, silent disco events and day trips inland so that people can get the full experience.

Where to find the right Surf Camp?

Once you have decided to go on a surf camp, you need to search for which surf camp would be best and where in the world that is located. There are a number of websites to find surf camps all around the world.

Book Surf Camps

An extremely easy to use platform which allows customers to search for their criteria in a number of different ways.

One criteria is based on destination, this can be separated again depending on the continent, by season, all round destinations and monthly.

Another criteria customers can use is the type of camp they wish to attend. This again can be separated into many other subcategories depending on the level of surf, the individual’s interests outside of surfing like spas, adventures, kayaking and diving. And also perhaps an essential category, who the surf camp is best for. This can range from solo travelers wanting to meet new people and make friends, kids camps solely for children, women only and also families.

To add more delight to this booking website they also give options not only for surf but for many other types of water sports like wakeboarding, windsurfing and bodyboarding.

Book Surf Camps website

Surf Holidays

Another popular website which allows customers to select surf camps, accommodation or individual lessons based on the location they wish to visit.

If that wasn’t enough and customers couldn’t find exactly what they were looking for they can contact and ask a surf camp host directly to create the perfect package for them.

The website gives options to search depending on the person/people that will be attending the camp like solo travelers of families. It also gives options and lets visitors to the website know if famous surf towns and events and camps are happening in those locations.

Furthermore, it allows people to see what others have recently booked to give some inspiration to those still searching.

Surf Holidays website

Cowork Surf

Cowork Surf is the perfect website for digital nomads wishing to go on a surf holiday. This website is unlike any other, as its purpose is to provide a place to stay, work and play with other like minded digital nomad surfers.

With options on site to allow prospective customers to read others stories of living, working and surfing together, finding suitable communities and hosts in top surf destinations.

Providing a community forum page to allow people to chat, make friends and share more about their experiences surfing under the sun.

Cowork Surf website

Where are the best surf camp destinations?

What a good question? Quite simply the best answer would be anywhere with good waves, sunshine and great facilities ready to host surfers can be considered a great destination. But that doesn’t really narrow it down for you. Some of the best surf camps are obviously the areas with the best surf so surfers can travel to wherever suits them the best. Here are a few of the top spots around the world and what you expect visiting these destinations.

Ahangama, Sri Lanka

A small beach town located in the southern part of Sri Lanka is renowned for its consistent surf meaning that the opportunity to catch some waves happens all year round. The area is quite an underdeveloped area, shy of large hotels and businesses but rather local eats and homestays.

Perfect conditions for surfing for beginners to advanced surfers with five star waves happening over 8 months of the year. Other amazing attractions not far from this destination include;

If Sri Lanka seems to be calling your name you can check out these surf camps to see if they are best suited for you and your needs;

Bali, Indonesia

Known as the island of the Gods, Bali is constantly hot with average temperatures around 28-31 degrees. The island surrounded by the Indian Ocean is a hot spot for surfing. Surfing takes place in each and every direction of the island and you can find camps ranging from the top to the bottom.

Known for its Pro-breaks in Uluwatu and Padang Padang Left, it also has many smaller beginner and intermediate breaks for people to try.

The surf is available all year round, however it is good to note that Bali has two seasons- wet and dry- meaning this can influence where on the island you will find the best surf.

Check out these top rated surf schools on the island of Bali;

Ericeira and Peniche, Portugal

Decisions, decisions. Which to choose? Ericeira or Peniche? Portugal’s central coast is home to some of the best waves and breaks this world has seen. Not just for the pro’s but with breaks for a person standing up on a board for the first time.

Both Ericeira and Peniche have so much to offer, sandy beaches, amazing food, drinks, people, community and surf. But they are both very different and have their own unique character.

Ericeira is a traditional sleepy fishing village and also Europe’s only surf reserve which means it has the highest concentration of world class waves and is an ideal spot for many competitions. It has a close knit surf community, populated mainly in the summer season.

Peniche on the other hand is one of Portugal’s largest fishing ports and over the past few years has gained the title of the surf capital of Portugal. Most surf breaks are within walking distance from the main down but the main camps are a little north. Find one of the best breaks Supertubos in this destination.

Check out these surf camps to see if Portugal is your ideal surf camp destination.

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

On the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula lies Santa Teresa, a hot spot destination for surfers. A remote beach town away from the hustle and bustle of tourists and the main airport. It is no wonder why this destination has become so popular in the past few years with its sandy beaches, laid back lifestyle and epic sunsets.

Providing multilevel breaks up and down the stretch, Santa Teresa is a perfect destination for those wanting to get away from it all and just concentrate on the surf. Ideal surfing conditions happen all year round.

Check out these surf camps within the area.

Taghazout, Morocco

An eclectic collection of people, places and things to see is a good description of Taghazout. Traditional shops, camels and carpet sellers mixed with vegan cafes and surfers.

No matter what time of the year it is Morocco will always have surf spots available to play on. The biggest swells happen during the winter months so it’s best for only advanced surfers to visit during these times.

Expect to find over 20 world class surf spots and breaks including Anchor point, Boilers, La Source and Devil’s rock.

Here are some of the top rated surf camps in that area;

Canary Islands, Spain

Shallow, heavy water breaking over reefs is what you can find around the Canary islands in Spain. The Canary islands main surf destinations are Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Tenerife and Gran Canaria. Depending on which destination you pick will depend on whether you can witness busy nightlife or sleepy little villages.

The Canary Islands, also known as the Hawaii of Europe, have the strongest waves in autumn, winter and spring- just make sure to wear a wetsuit. However the summertime sees warmer weather and smaller waves, ideal for beginners.

Have a look at some of the main surf camps around the Canary Islands.

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