SatoriCamp – Wellness Retreats in Asia

What is SatoriCamp?

Welcome to SatoriCamp. We are a booking and matching platform specializing in crafting well-being travel packages through unique “camp” experiences.

Our platform is designed to connect you with multi-day travel packages that blend adventure, relaxation, and personal growth. These are all provided by our local tour operator partners across Asia.

Despite Japan’s reputation as a haven for traditional tourism, the digital nomad movement has been a recent phenomenon in the country. The upcoming Colive Fukuoka event, however, is poised to challenge this narrative.

What We Offer

From yoga retreats and surfing camps to workation events for remote workers, we offer a diverse range of “camps” that seamlessly blend accommodations, multi-day itineraries, and engaging group activities. All set in exotic destinations across Southeast Asia.

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