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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost every industry, especially tourism. With borders closed and strict travel restrictions set, remote workers haven’t been able to leave their country to explore the world, spending their time working from home. But after two years of being at a standstill, the borders are reopening, and many parts of Southeast Asia are open to overseas digital nomads again.

And in even better news, governments are quickly creating new visa schemes in anticipation of the economic boost expected from remote workers. With over 35 million digital nomads worldwide and a whopping US$787 billion annual global economic value, it’s about time local Southeast Asian governments begin tapping into opportunities that benefit digital nomads. 


Understandably, being a digital nomad will entail much research and planning, regardless of where they will travel to. Fortunately, there are online magazines like TheDigitalNomad to assist digital nomads from all over the world when it comes to achieving a work-life balance in Southeast Asia.

What is TheDigitalNomad?

TheDigitalNomad.Asia is a digital magazine made for digital nomads who are planning or already in Asia. They are made up of a team of digital nomads with the goal of sharing valuable information and guides on being a digital nomad in Asia. 

Here are the major topics they cover:

  • Digital Nomad Guides

These are informative guides that will inform digital nomads of the following:

    • The benefits of living in the country as a digital nomad
    • Some cons and things to take note
    • Top cities digital nomads can live in
    • Visas a digital nomad can avail
    • Quick list of coworking spaces
  • YouTube videos to watch and Facebook groups to join to meet a local digital nomad community
  • CoWorking Spaces

Coworking spaces are a crucial factor digital nomads appreciate when choosing a country to work remotely in. TheDigitalNomad posts guides on which coworking spaces to go to in the country, with individual lists per major city to further narrow down your options. 

  • Yoga Retreats

Everyone deserves “me time,” where you get away from work, the busy city, and the entire world. Fortunately, many Southeast Asian countries are about holistic wellness and promote the art of yoga and meditation to unwind. 

TheDigitalNomad offers guides on different yoga retreats you can partake in. Not only are these yoga retreats relaxing and promoting health, but they also offer amenities for fun and work, if you still plan on completing projects or answering calls during the program. 

  • Music Festival Around Asia 

It isn’t all work and no play as a digital nomad. You can still take advantage of the perfect work-life balance and have a ton of fun by attending events like music festivals. After virtually clocking out of your work, you can attend the many annual music festivals that countries like Japan host. 

TheDigitalNomad posts lists of music festivals to watch out for in each country and when they will happen so you have ample time to prepare!

The digital magazine is a useful tool to help navigate your way around different Southeast Asian countries, allowing you to live and work anywhere. 

Digital nomads will find TheDigitalNomad extremely beneficial as they explore countries around the vast continent. Gone are the days when they will need to go through dozens of articles, blogs, and social media groups to find the answers they need. 

Instead, they can head to TheDigitalNomad when it comes to everything to know about traveling to a certain country. For instance, if you were to search for places to work in around the Philippines, you can get a wide array of recommendations from TheDigitalNomad. Not only that but there are guides on how to select a coworking space and further information on establishments reviewed so you can find the best one for your individual needs.

Moreover, TheDigitalNomad caters to any type of nomad, ensuring all their posts are made for any type of remote worker. Whether you just began, are a seasoned traveler, want the luxury life, or want to backpack across Asia, their guides are there to help.

It’s an all-in-one magazine that continues to share everything to learn about remote working and even retiring in beautiful countries. Tourists can even benefit from their travel guides as they can discover more events, yoga retreats, and other hidden gems in Asia.  

The Countries You Can Find on TheDigitalNomad

TheDigitalNomad covers various countries across Asia, though the magazine focuses more on Southeast Asian destinations, which are known for their friendly locals, rich culture, and lower cost of living. Here are the destinations you can learn more about as a digital nomad:

  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Sri Lanka
  • The Philippines
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia

The magazine also covers India and Japan, where you can learn more about traveling in the area and the coworking spaces you can finish projects in.

This begs you to question – Why Southeast Asia? 

That’s because according to surveys, 34% of participants rate it as the best region for digital nomads! In the same survey, 56% consider the most important factors are living costs and fast Internet. 

Many Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and The Philippines offer relatively quick and accessible WiFi in various cities, especially in their central business districts. Not to mention, these countries have a low cost of living, with many digital nomads able to live well with less than $1,000 monthly!

Moreover, many countries from Southeast Asia are popular destinations for Digital Nomads, including Thailand (#1), Vietnam (#5), and the Philippines (#10). Thailand, in particular, has many cities considered the fastest-growing work hubs of the year. 

Wrapping It Up

Are you thinking of making the big move and heading to Southeast Asia to explore the beauty of each country while working? Digital nomads will be happy to know that many countries in the region have opened their borders and are ready for you. The only thing left is to book that flight and start planning. 

Don’t wait any longer and check out TheDigitalNomad to begin your journey.

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